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I help heart-centered spiritual seekers and psychedelic explorers

heal with psychedelics through holistic preparation, navigation, integration, and the power of community. 
Sinclair Fleetwood Psychedelic Integration Coach
spiritual development coaching psychedelic integration

Psychedelic Integration Academy™

A complete holistic support system for achieving deep, lasting healing with psychedelics

Enrollment begins in December 2020, sign up below to join the waitlist.

psychedelic integration academy

Hi, I'm Sinclair


A few years ago, my life looked very different than it does today. I woke up one morning in the middle of the desert feeling lost, hopeless, hungover, and full of shame and despair for what my life had become. I couldn’t hear myself, I didn’t know who I was, what I was supposed to be doing, or why anything mattered. I was dark inside. I had lost the plot. I was desperate for other people to like and love me, but I did not know how to love myself.

I quit alcohol in the middle of the biggest party in the world and made a vow to never again abandon myself.

Since that day, I have been traveling, discovering, training, being in service, working with plant medicine and healing with psychedelics to make my own fire into a huge inferno of passion, joy, and love.

Psychedelic Integration:
Go Beyond Visuals and Live Your Vision

I help spiritual seekers and consciousness expanders prepare for, navigate, and integrate their psychedelic medicine experiences. 

My primary focus is creating lasting positive momentum and change using a step-by-step framework of radical self-love, personal responsibility, vulnerability, acceptance, and embodiment.

I have helped hundreds of people confidently continue the transformational healing process they began with psychedelics through a unique combination of coaching, the Magic Mirror Method™, and facilitating a supportive, growing community of trailblazers on the spiritual path. We are choosing to go beyond visuals and live fully, authentically in our vision for our own lives and a better world.

I’m known for my grounded, joyful, honest approach as an integration coach who has overcome addiction, healed trauma, and successfully traversed my own darkness, emerging as a resilient, powerful example of what is possible when you enter into a healing relationship with psychedelics, integrate the lessons, and build the life you deserve.

I believe you can, do you?

The world needs us to rise up, align with our truth, and walk in our power. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

You don’t have to do it alone, we can help.

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The source of your power
is the same

as the source of your wound


Reviews from Our Spirit Family

“Sinclair is a loving, kind, beautiful soul who truly gives her all when it comes to helping with the healing of every soul she encounters, because she is always willing to do the healing within herself. As someone who has worked side by side with Sinclair, when it comes to taking and integrating the sacred medicine, I can say that she walks a path of humbleness, grace, and willingness to support anyone who might need help on their journey by being a beautiful companion, and most importantly, a friend. I highly recommend working with her!”

Sofia S.

Retreat Volunteer

“I definitely recommend Sinclair and John! I attended “Be Good To Yourself Bootcamp” and thoroughly enjoyed the information they presented. They are both extremely compassionate beings with incredible wisdom and experiential knowledge. Their vulnerability made me feel very comfortable and I was able to take a lot of insight away from this program that will assist me going forward in my own journey.💜

Alicia F.


“Thank you for your unconditional support, guidance, and love. I hold the two of you close to my heart and am grateful for our relationship. Thank you for listening. Thank you for putting the time in yourselves to heal. I know you can always relate to the things I’m going through and can guide me where I want to go. Your uncanny ability to present new ways of seeing myself is truly the best medicine. Thank you for helping me integrate these profound, sometimes overwhelming experiences into my life. Couldn’t have done it alone.”

Alex B.

Retreat Volunteer

“Sinclair and John are one of the most authentic duos to get the blessing to convene with. They speak from a place of direct experience through shadows of addiction and trauma to be able to shine light onto others’ experiences. Their energies act as a comforting hand to hold.

John’s gentle, yet strong demeanor matched with Sinclair’s feisty confidence provides the perfect whirlwind of nurturement to heal by. They both have opened doors for me for my own path and it is an honor to call them family.”

Tri G.

Retreat Manager

“After each medicine ceremony, Sinclair and John hosted a family meeting where participants were encouraged to share what had emerged in the previous night’s journey. The depth of their compassion was palpable as they held space for whatever was present. Their cheerfulness and humor encouraged a softening of old wounds, fears and stuckness. They generously shared from their own experience of woundedness and healing. I trusted them and in so doing, was able to trust myself to do the work I’d come to do. Of course, this is the work of a lifetime (at least). The care and encouragement I received from these two delightful people will always be with me.”

Lorre F.

Retreat Guest

“John and Sinclair are a wonderful team and they are both exceptional leaders. They celebrate people and help to bring them together. They both have beautiful reverence for the Sacred and a great sense of humour. Their dedication to service is clear by the amount of their lives they have offered towards supporting others (and also healing themselves!)

Together John and Sinclair make a grounded and stable team who will go to the depths with you and respect whatever you discover down there, and also help you to find your way back. ❤”

Kait M.

Retreat Volunteer

“Thank you so much to John and Sinclair for your coaching. Each session helped me to move forward with my life issues in positive ways. I received both insights and practical steps I could implement. I would recommend them.

Nadine G.

Coaching Client

“Throughout my time with Sinclair and John, I felt safe, seen, and honored. They saw me on a deeper level while also listening to my words and empathizing with my human experience. I enjoy that they allow higher guidance to come down and meet us in the earthly realm. This has allowed me to receive the messages from my higher self and then have support in putting them into realistic action.

John and Sinclair understand the reality of being human; they supported me in fully accepting myself and my life circumstances. In one session, I was guided through a relationship challenge by shifting from a victim mindset to one of “empowered Amanda.” Another session involved understanding my deeper calling and higher lessons and how to allow them to unfold within my life through my career choice. What blessings these revelations are!

I deeply appreciate Mystical Heart Collective’s support in my life. I highly recommend all of their offerings to all who are interested in efficient and grounded spiritual evolution 💚  🌏”

Amanda K.

Coaching Client