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John Steiner

Brief info

I was raised by a loving family outside Washington D.C. and spent my childhood exploring the woods. After my mother became ill and tried to take her own life, I turned to drugs to soothe myself, developing a serious addiction.

After I got clean from opiates in March of 2010, I worked on my internal landscape to bring out my truest self and let go of things that were not me. I enrolled in University, and fell in love with the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I lived, breathed, and slept sports performance. I knew in my bones that I was on this earth to coach people. As I was completing my college career, I was also coming to the end of my weightlifting career. I had earned my degree in kinesiology, won 2 national medals, lined up a job, and settled into a house to make a home. 

But I didn’t feel fulfilled.

At this time, I had a therapeutic encounter with entheogenic medicine (psychedelics) and was put in touch with my authentic self. It was beautiful, terrifying, profound, and life changing. I saw how I was not living with authenticity, and what to do about it. I wasn’t on earth to coach sports, but to learn how to bring compassion and love to every situation and person I encountered.

I was to use all the principles I learned becoming a coach to help people navigate transformational experiences and accompany them as they step into their power and authenticity.

I have dedicated my life to helping people encounter their Highest Selves and teaching them how to use that relationship as the guiding force in their lives. I found this relationship with myself through the plant teachers. I spent a year volunteering at and eventually managing an Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat center in Ecuador. During this time, I worked with more than 400 people who healed trauma, changed perspectives, stepped into their power, and began or strengthened their relationship with a Higher Power, or their Highest Self.

Now I want to bring the healing, teachings, and Love I have gathered from my time in Ecuador and throughout my life’s journey to you.