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Sinclair Fleetwood

Brief info

I’ve always felt a calling to be of service, spending almost two decades working in nonprofit social service and living the Gen X dream in Austin, Texas. I was a highly functional party girl battling a crushing addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, toxic diet culture, deep worthiness and self love issues. ⁣⁣⁣

I drank. A lot. I blacked out and forgot who I was and stayed asleep, hungover, small, and weak. My health suffered, I gained 80 lbs, and watched my father die in prison as a result of addiction, trauma, and violence. Life hurt and I was lost.

And yet, I saw a light in myself. Instead of committing suicide, I chose to fight for my life. I quit booze in the middle of Burning Man, burned my old life to the ground, and dedicated my life to healing, loving myself, and finding my purpose. 

In 2016, started a web design business, and decided to travel the world as a nomadic, resilient, creative adventurer. I found my home within myself and discovered my natural talent for manifesting visions and making dreams come alive. ⁣I realigned with my integrity, found self love, and reclaimed my power. 

At 40, I traveled to Lake Atítlan, Guatemala and became certified as a yoga teacher (RYT 200), deepening my practice in movement, meditation, and mysticism. 

I spent the last two years traveling in Latin America, living in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and working closely with plant medicines, ancestral rituals, psychedelic integration, and shamanic ceremony – healing in retreat with more than 400 people during my time managing operations at a shamanic healing center. My relationship with the plants has deepened my connection with my Highest Self, healing my wounds, nourishing my trust in this work, and sending honor through my ancestral line.

I am a trained and certified Transformational, Recovery, and Psychedelic Integration Coach, feminine spiritual powerhouse, heart centered earth witch, and juicy self love bug on a mission to share this work with anyone who is ready to cut the bullshit and let the juicy dream of your life run down your chin, while you soar on wings made of fairydust, radical self love, fearless communication, and unstoppable self-confidence. You can do anything, and I can help you.

It would be my honor to work with you, celebrate you, and challenge you to be the greatest YOU the world has ever seen.