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Sinclair Fleetwood


Hi there, I’m Sinclair, founder of Mystical Heart Collective and Psychedelic Integration Academy, and I believe in the amazing power of plant medicines and healing with psychedelics. 

The first part of my young adult life was spent drowning in a drunken haze of low self-worth and victimhood, living the functional party girl life in Austin, while inside, I was screaming for help. 

After decades of suffering through addiction and losing my father in prison to alcohol and violence, FINALLY, I got the message. I quit alcohol, left my career, sold all my stuff, and became the empowered creator of my life and started traveling the world. 

I spent two years living in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and working closely with ayahuasca and San Pedro, ancestral rituals, psychedelic integration, and shamanic ceremony – healing in retreat with more than 400 people during my time managing operations at a shamanic healing center. My relationship with the plants has deepened my connection with my Highest Self, healing my wounds, nourishing my trust in this work, and sending honor through my ancestral line.

During my time in the trenches of the ayahuasca industry, I saw a disturbing and reckless trend: People were not getting the preparation, aftercare, or integration support that is absolutely vital to completing the healing circle and sealing in the vibration we connect with through plant medicine and psychedelics. 

I am here to change that by providing experienced holistic guidance throughout the entire journey – education, preparation, navigation, and integration – for those who are psychedelics curious, who are ready to go all in on healing with plant medicines, or who are seeking to transition from recreational to intentional use.  

I am a trained and certified Transformational, Recovery, and Psychedelic Integration Coach, yoga teacher, feminine spiritual powerhouse, heart-centered earth witch, and juicy self-love bug on a mission to help people fully maximize their transformation, take back their power, and create the lives they deserve. It would be an honor to walk with you on the magical path of growing and healing with psychedelics. 

Sinclair at Lake Atítlan, Guatemala
About Sinclair Fleetwood
Photo by Tom Benini
John Steiner Mystical Heart Collective
psychedelic integration academy

John Steiner


As a young man, I overcame addiction to heroin. Recovery allowed me to start to heal my feelings of being unlovable that started me on the road of addiction to begin with.  I am so grateful for this time in my life because it was my alarm clock in many ways. Passing through these trails helped to awaken my consciousness. 

Because of my time in recovery, I was able to live life again. I went back to school, achieved some impressive accolades in sports, got a wonderful job, and moved into a house with a partner. Yet I didn’t feel fulfilled. What was wrong? I had checked all the boxes I was supposed to, and somehow I was more lost than ever. Thankfully at that crucial moment, psychedelic medicines entered my life. 
Through journeying with these medicines, I reconnected to my true and authentic Self and began the process of reprogramming my mind, emotions, and body to be aligned with my spiritual center – my heart. The healing path has been long and at times difficult; and of course continues to unfold each day I am blessed with the gift of rising in the morning. This work has been the single most rewarding journey of my life. 
Soon after my relationship psychedelic medicines began to unfold, I found myself in Ecuador, managing a plant medicine retreat center. The work was so rewarding, yet something was missing. Time after time, we would meet family (guests) who would come, make wonderful strides in their healing journeys, then go home only to have the progress halt, or even regress. Over and over again, they said the same thing: “I feel alone at home; I don’t have my tribe; it feels hard to maintain this all by myself.”
I am so grateful to have met my amazing partner, Sinclair, while working at the retreat center. We decided together that we would create a home for all the people who feel lost after their retreats. With the magic of a prayer, Mystical Heart Collective was born. 
It is our mission to help family who have begun the process of healing with plant medicines to find a more harmonious relationship with themselves, the world they live in, and all the people in their lives. It is our prayer, that through these harmonious relationships, we can help to create a world filled with an infinitude of love, peace, joy, and abundance. 
I have dedicated my life to be in service to the plants, and to the people healing with them. With my time spent in countless ceremonies, many of them assisting the medicine carriers, and years of recovery, practicing spiritual disciplines, and self discovery, I am grateful to be in a position to offer my time and energy to help whomever is in need. I would be my honor to guide you in your process of discovering your own Mystical Heart.
spiritual development coaching psychedelic integration


Empowering our human family to take their power back from the places they’ve lost it, align with their Highest Self, and embody their dreams through spiritual transformation, community, psychedelic integration, and the magic of sacred ceremony.

spiritual development coaching psychedelic integration


We envision a world of powerful creator beings living in symbiotic harmony with our planet. With embodied awareness and integrity, we create joy and holistic wellness for ourselves, those around us, and the planet at large. We see this responsibility to the whole as one that should be celebrated and held with gratitude. 

We are committed to social justice, peaceful resistance, and ending oppression.


spiritual development coaching psychedelic integration


Stepping into the knowledge that we create our own realities. We always have the power to choose want we want for our lives and how we respond to the circumstances happening around us. As we master our inner vibration, we master our outer world.

The highest of vibrations! When we are grateful for what we have, we are holding love, joy, and peace as well. Gratitude signals The Universe to send us more to be grateful for. It is such a privilege to be alive!

Health is based on a holistic philosophy of fixing the cause, not the symptom. We believe in healing the whole self, not isolated problem areas. When we create the right environment, wellness is the natural byproduct.

Being in alignment with ourselves. Our word is our bond, and we hold ourselves to our personal values. These values are more important than our own self interest. When the choice is between doing what’s right only for us or what’s right for the whole, we choose the greater good.

Life is an astounding gift of beauty and absurdity and we love to revel in it! Sharing song, dance, laughter, and savoring life and love raise and heal the vibration of humanity.

When we know better, it is our responsibility to do better. New and better ideas and understandings only change our lives, and the world, if we act on them.

Every living being is on the spiritual path. Awareness is the recognition of that path and the willingness to walk it.

psychedelic integration academy
spiritual development coaching psychedelic integration
Big Love from Our Mystical Family

“Sinclair is a loving, kind, beautiful soul who truly gives her all when it comes to helping with the healing of every soul she encounters, because she is always willing to do the healing within herself. As someone who has worked side by side with Sinclair, when it comes to taking and integrating the sacred medicine, I can say that she walks a path of humbleness, grace, and willingness to support anyone who might need help on their journey by being a beautiful companion, and most importantly, a friend. I highly recommend working with her!”

Sofia S.

Retreat Volunteer

“I definitely recommend Sinclair and John! I attended “Be Good To Yourself Bootcamp” and thoroughly enjoyed the information they presented. They are both extremely compassionate beings with incredible wisdom and experiential knowledge. Their vulnerability made me feel very comfortable and I was able to take a lot of insight away from this program that will assist me going forward in my own journey.💜

Alicia F.


“Thank you for your unconditional support, guidance, and love. I hold the two of you close to my heart and am grateful for our relationship. Thank you for listening. Thank you for putting the time in yourselves to heal. I know you can always relate to the things I’m going through and can guide me where I want to go. Your uncanny ability to present new ways of seeing myself is truly the best medicine. Thank you for helping me integrate these profound, sometimes overwhelming experiences into my life. Couldn’t have done it alone.”

Alex B.

Retreat Volunteer

“Sinclair and John are one of the most authentic duos to get the blessing to convene with. They speak from a place of direct experience through shadows of addiction and trauma to be able to shine light onto others’ experiences. Their energies act as a comforting hand to hold.

John’s gentle, yet strong demeanor matched with Sinclair’s feisty confidence provides the perfect whirlwind of nurturement to heal by. They both have opened doors for me for my own path and it is an honor to call them family.”

Tri G.

Retreat Manager

“After each medicine ceremony, Sinclair and John hosted a family meeting where participants were encouraged to share what had emerged in the previous night’s journey. The depth of their compassion was palpable as they held space for whatever was present. Their cheerfulness and humor encouraged a softening of old wounds, fears and stuckness. They generously shared from their own experience of woundedness and healing. I trusted them and in so doing, was able to trust myself to do the work I’d come to do. Of course, this is the work of a lifetime (at least). The care and encouragement I received from these two delightful people will always be with me.”

Lorre F.

Retreat Guest

“John and Sinclair are a wonderful team and they are both exceptional leaders. They celebrate people and help to bring them together. They both have beautiful reverence for the Sacred and a great sense of humour. Their dedication to service is clear by the amount of their lives they have offered towards supporting others (and also healing themselves!)

Together John and Sinclair make a grounded and stable team who will go to the depths with you and respect whatever you discover down there, and also help you to find your way back. ❤”

Kait M.

Retreat Volunteer

“Thank you so much to John and Sinclair for your coaching. Each session helped me to move forward with my life issues in positive ways. I received both insights and practical steps I could implement. I would recommend them.

Nadine G.

Coaching Client

“Throughout my time with Sinclair and John, I felt safe, seen, and honored. They saw me on a deeper level while also listening to my words and empathizing with my human experience. I enjoy that they allow higher guidance to come down and meet us in the earthly realm. This has allowed me to receive the messages from my higher self and then have support in putting them into realistic action.

John and Sinclair understand the reality of being human; they supported me in fully accepting myself and my life circumstances. In one session, I was guided through a relationship challenge by shifting from a victim mindset to one of “empowered Amanda.” Another session involved understanding my deeper calling and higher lessons and how to allow them to unfold within my life through my career choice. What blessings these revelations are!

I deeply appreciate Mystical Heart Collective’s support in my life. I highly recommend all of their offerings to all who are interested in efficient and grounded spiritual evolution 💚  🌏”

Amanda K.

Coaching Client