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Why invest in working with a coach? 



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A psychedelic integration coach is a professional who...

It’s very difficult to truly see yourself when you are stuck in a destructive behavior, shadow side drama, or negative thought pattern. Your coach mirrors you back to yourself so you can truly see the big picture and start to work through your issues. 

Your coach is there to give you honest, objective, and sometimes uncomfortable feedback while holding space for you to work through blocks, identify areas where you want to grow, and guiding you throughout the process. 

Call out culture has people thinking public shaming somehow motivates people to be true to their word and themselves. That’s not how it works with us. We build a relationship with you based on honesty, trust, and respect, where you have integrity with yourself. When you commit to taking action, it’s your job to do it, not ours. We know you will, because see above. And if you don’t, we figure out why.

This is how we do accountability. And it works.

We FLIP OUT when our clients heal trauma, gain new understanding, reach goals, change habits, quit things that don’t serve them, and stand in their own amazingness. This is our favorite part of coaching, seeing YOU succeed, thrive, shine, and rise into your light. 


Investing money, time, and energy into a relationship with a coach is a signal to the Universe that you mean business. I am an action-oriented, manifesting magic maker who uses psychedelic integration, ceremony, intention, attention, and celebration to bring dreams into reality. You have the power to create whatever you want in this life, and I can show you how. 

Psychedelic Integration Academy™ is our signature 12 week program providing holistic psychedelic preparation, navigation, and integration support and guidance.

In 2021, we will also begin offering plant medicine retreats in Ecuador and Mexico as a component of our full holistic spectrum of psychedelic healing.

Enrollment starts December 2020... Join the email list to be the first to know when applications open.

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